User Journey Insights

User Journey Insights

We help brands to visualizing the customer journey

Apetab can help your company to understand your customers, highlighting who they are, what their interests are and what they want. This insight will help you to recognize your customer’s characteristics and behavior.

Behavior Analysis

Learn how the user is engaging with your ad

Leverage real-time behavioral and contextual data to deliver targeted content recommendations creative and notifications to improve readership, recover sales from abandoned shopping carts, or bring returning users back to context. 


User Journey

Keep the journey going across all devices.

The customer journey doesn’t end just by clicking an ad. Always know what your customers are up to, then use that insight to show them ads across all channels that perfectly complement the message they just received from your creative 

Creative Touchpoints

Learn what are the user Touch Points

Apetab analyze a variety of touch-points by which the customer moves from awareness of the creative to engagement , Our AI was developed to focus on a seamless experience that ensures each touch point interconnects and contributes to the overall journey.