Apetab will manage the customer experience and customer satisfaction efforts for your brand Cross device - Cross Channel
with the ultimate goal of keeping the customers
you acquire for as long as possible.
Advanced in house AI
Our in house AI automatically changes content shown to users based on customer segmentation variables and other database-driven signals. To drive the right eyes to the right content experiences and product listings.
A/B testing
We use A/B testing in order to brings scientific methodology to marketing and removes the guesswork. It provides data-backed decisions and can be used cross device , cross channel
Personalized Content
tailoring different types of content to individual consumers, based on their personal data available to you. Attainable information (e.g. location, search queries, ads they clicked on, website visit and purchase history, etc.
Take Comfort in Launching Your Personalization Campaigns with a GDPR Compliant Solution
we not only comply with the processor related regulations but also offer assistance to data controllers in their own compliance when it comes to managing a personalization program through our technology.
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