Scalable real time decision making
Apetab's ad Recommendation AI Powers The Most Sophisticated
Suppliers in Advertising Technology
Our solutions deliver results at every point of the
customer's journey. Connect with new users and activate them.
Advanced in house AI
Our in house AI automatically changes content shown to users based on customer segmentation variables and other database-driven signals. To drive the right eyes to the right content experiences and product listings.
Connect to top brands and agencies
Maximize the yield from your media inventory with partnerships designed to create win/wins between advertisers, technology platforms and publishers.
It's all about Data
Our performance marketing platform processes 100TB of data per day to make intelligent decision in real-time
Take Comfort in Launching Your Personalization Campaigns with a GDPR Compliant Solution
we not only comply with the processor related regulations but also offer assistance to data controllers in their own compliance when it comes to managing a personalization program through our technology.
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