Ad Recommendation Engine

Ad Recommendation Engine

Apetab’s Ad Recommendation AI Powers Publishers with strong Ad Recommendation To Maximize yield and eCPM

Advanced in house AI

Maximize your eCPM with Apetab

Apetab in house AI automatically changes content shown to users based on customer segmentation variables and other database-driven signals. To drive the right eyes to the right content experiences and product listings.

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Apetab Technology Is spread on 24 Data and Serving Regions
To provide Fast / Low latency serving WW

Apetab Marketplace

Connect to top brands and agencies

Maximize the yield from your media inventory with partnerships designed to create win/wins between advertisers, technology platforms and publishers.

Powerful API for Campaign Recommendation 

Real Time Campaign Recommendation 

Chosen from a strong set of contextual and personalized strategies, advanced targeting based on real-time as well as long-term behavior, first- and third-party data, geo-location, device type, creative analysis , and more.

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Fun facts about Apetab

Data Driven

Apetab platform processes 200TB of data per day to make intelligent decision in real-time

High-scale, low-latency pipeline

supports leading retail, finance, travel, and publishing sites.

Array of available integrations and partners

supports leading retail, finance, travel, and publishing sites.