Your user journey
starts with awareness
Our Performance Trading Desk AI will optimize the inventory in order to drive high engagement rate Cross Device - Cross Channel
Apetab measure of whether an ad had a chance to be seen by a user. In order to helps marketers by providing metrics on the number of times their ads actually appear in front of users.
Global Reach
Apetab is connected to over +3000 publishers and will supply with acquiring customers in 56 countries
Performance Branding Video
Our Performance Trading Desk AI will optimize will optimize supply side in order to drive high engagement rate
Learn what Capabilities we are using for your Brand awareness
Personalize & Target
Your Messaging To Expose
your Brand to relevant audience
Learn more about Apetab Personalization and Targeting solution
Ad Recommendation Engine
Apetab's ad Recommendation AI Powers The Most Sophisticated Suppliers in Advertising Technology
Learn more about Apetab Ad Recommendation solution
Real-time insight into the nature of your website traffic.
Learn more about Apetab Fraud Detection solution
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Take Comfort in Launching Your Personalization Campaigns with a GDPR Compliant Solution
we not only comply with the processor related regulations but also offer assistance to data controllers in their own compliance when it comes to managing a personalization program through our technology.
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